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An escape room is a custom escape/survival challenge experience, made to provoke teamwork and problem solving among small groups and are a great way to bring people together. Escape rooms are used by many businesses as bonding and team building experience. Mobile escape rooms are even more accessible to a broader range of clients, by bringing the escape room directly to them.


Quite simply, Escapes 2 Go is an escape room company that comes to you, making it easy to book team building activities, parties, and other events that feature a novel experience. If you are looking for escape rooms in Central Florida that provide unique challenges to engage your team’s problem-solving abilities, you need look no further. Our company is based out of Orlando Florida, and serves all of Central Florida.


Realistically, Escapes 2 Go is for anyone who enjoys a good team problem-solving challenge. Whether it is for corporate team building, community organizations, youth leadership events, etc., Escapes 2 Go has the game for you. We will foster teamwork, cooperation, and fun. Family and friends at holiday get togethers and birthday parties have a blast teaming up and seeing which group can escape in the fastest time.

Ages: It is recommended that participants be 8 years of age or older.

Escape Game Length: 20-30 minutes.


This is a great team building exercise!
Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular world-wide! You and your friends, co-workers, or just some cool strangers are “locked” into a highly themed room and become part of the story. The only way to “Escape” the room is to solve all of the clues, riddles, and open all of the locks to exit. WARNING: Escape Rooms can be extremely addicting once you have done one! The best part is we bring the experience to you!

Train New Employees

When you book mobile escape rooms in Orlando Florida and surronding areas of Central Florida, you have the opportunity to introduce your work hard/play hard culture to employees with a fun event that still helps to prepare them for the workplace. The Escapes 2 Go experience emphasizes both fun and the value of working together to solve problems.


If your organization values teamwork over individual high-performing rock stars, an escape room experience is the perfect opportunity to make sure you foster that environment, because it presents you with a puzzle that can only be solved through teamwork. This is a great low-stress way to set a tone with fun and adventure!

Leadership Development

If you are leading a development group designed to train future leaders, these challenges give you the opportunity to create the kinds of situations from which leaders emerge. That allows candidates to weigh their relative teamwork skills and get insight into their approaches in a relaxed environment.

Observing Teamwork

While you reap the benefits that come from this experience, you also have the opportunity to make informal observations you can use to shape future team building exercises. You can also gain insight into which skills your team needs to work on overall.

Reward Performance

If you are looking to provide your top performers with incentives and rewards that help them excel, a fun afternoon in an escape room is a great way to cultivate their skills while giving them the chance to blow off steam. Bring Escapes 2 Go to your business whenever your people give you something to celebrate.

Fun for Everyone!

It’s also fun to bring out an escape room as a relaxed activity at a party or company picnic. This lets everyone enjoy the puzzle experience in a more laid back setting.

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Our mobile escape rooms are designed to provide challenging fun to people with a wide range of ages and interests. Whether you are looking to host one for a small private event or you need an escape room capable of keeping up with the foot traffic of a large public event, we can help. Check us out for:

Birthday Parties

Private parties are more fun when everyone is locked in! Parties as small as 6-10 people can participate all at once. Larger parties can take the room on in groups.

Holiday Celebrations

Whether you are putting together your 4th of July celebrations or you’re looking ahead at winter holidays, an escape room experience is unlike anything else you will find.


If you want to bring a special event into your training or summer camp, we can come to you easily with our mobile escape room if you are in Orlando or surrounding areas of central Florida.


Set up a mobile escape room as part of the attraction when you host an event for the general public, and see how an exciting escape room adventure brings more people to your event.

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For more information about escape room experiences, or to talk about the needs of your organization or event, contact one of our representatives today. We’re looking forward to bringing a fun and exciting experience out to you!

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Escape Rooms are becoming more and more popular world-wide! You and your friends or co-workers are “locked” into a highly themed room and become part of the story. The only way to “escape” the room is to solve all the clues, riddles, and open all the locks to exit. WARNING: Escape Rooms can be extremely addicting once you have done one!

Portable Escape Crate

Our Escape Crate is a brand new story-driven and jam-packed experience. This non-linear, one-of-a-kind game is durable and player-focused, guaranteed to provide a fun challenge.


The Weatherstone Foundation has hired you to assist with finding out what happened to the PanAtlantic Flight 518 last year.

Escape Crate

Tent Based Games

Tent based games are in 13’ x 13’ tents. The indoor tent option has a flat top and is 8 feet tall, the tent outdoor option has a waterproof peeked top that is 13 feet tall. 10 feet of space is needed in front of each tent to accommodate teams entering and exiting the games.

Immunity Quest

You’ve been dropped on an island and must get the immunity mask to win the game and get off the island.

The Cabin

You’ve been kidnapped by a serial killer. You only have a short amount of time to follow the clues and call for help before he comes back.

Wizard Academy

You are a Wizard apprentice taking your final exam. If you are able to pass the test you will become a full Wizard.

Pricing Options:

Each package is customized to your individual event, based on how many players, length of time of the event, and travel distance.

Escapes 2 Go provides customers with 2 dedicated staff members, travel to the location, as well as set up and breakdown of the rooms.

Generally, 60 people can play the game in a 4-hour time period. The average cost of most escape rooms in the Central Florida area are $35 per person for an hour game. When comparing prices, it’s no brainer!

Contact us for a price quote made especially for your event.

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We can bring our mobile escape unit to your location. We are based near Orlando and service all of Central Florida.

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